Facebook hires former vine head to work for brand new experimental app division

Jason Toff is going to be working as a product manager on one amongst Facebook’s new NPE apps.

Former vine head Jason Toff is going away from Google to join Facebook, where he’ll be “starting up a brand new initiative under the recently formed NPE team.” Facebook simply declared its new NPE (it stands for “new product experimentation”) team last week, as a brand which will be developing experimental apps for customers who are still slightly off from the core Facebook brand.

Now that we’ve moved to CA, I suppose it’s a decent time to share what I’m up to next! In two weeks, I’ll be connection Facebook as a PM Director beginning a brand new initiative under the recently formed NPE team.

Toff had previously left vine (and Twitter) back in 2016 to work at Google, where he worked on VR projects and later at Google’s in-house area 120 incubator (which is pretty similar in thought to Facebook’s NPE team). Given his previous work on smaller, new app initiatives and his time leading vine, Toff appears like a natural fit for whatever experimental new services Facebook is experimenting on with its NPE apps.

The news sees Toff as the 1st major name to be related to Facebook’s NPE team, and it doesn’t sound just like the company is stopping there. Toff noted on Twitter in his announcement that whereas he can’t reveal details of what he’s performing on, he’s trying to hire a team of ux designers and engineers to work on the project — maybe Facebook is looking to steal some of Byte’s Vine-successor thunder?

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