Facebook is ditching the messenger discover tab to change the app

Facebook is phasing out the messenger discover tab, a tool it launched 2 years ago to assist users find new bots and businesses.

The discover tab, which was initial declared at Facebook’s F8 developer conference in April 2017, was designed to assist extend Messenger’s utility on the far side a simple messaging app, with classes like sports, news, shopping, finance, education, and more. However, with Facebook ramping up its push to evolve and refocus messenger, it appears that it’s currently trying to change and declutter the app.

Back in October, Facebook started rolling out an overhauled messenger app, with a focus on the app’s core function as a tool for connecting people. Then a couple of months back, it declared Project Lightspeed, which will effectively result in a brand new light-weight messenger design on a completely new codebase.

Today’s announcement fits into that broader image, vis-à-vis solely together with features that users want to use — particularly when Facebook already offers other mechanisms for connecting customers with businesses across its suite of apps.

“We need to make it more seamless for folks to reach out to businesses on messenger in places where they already want to connect,” noted Ted Helwick, director of product at Facebook’s messenger business.

“We will place more investment into tools to attach folks and businesses — together with updates to m.me links, web plugins, and numerous entry points across our family of apps, as well as ad merchandise— that lead to messenger.”

Alongside this news nowadays, Facebook additionally officially launched a bunch of latest messenger features that were initially declared at F8 back in April, together with an appointment booking tool, an automated lead generation tool that allows businesses to qualify and track potential leads, and a bunch of further tweaks and upgrades.

Facebook hasn’t given an exact timeframe for once it’ll ditch the discover tab; however it did say that it’ll happen over following few months.

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